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A340 Lock Up Solenoid ( TCC )

By choosing the option to Waive Core Charge, customer is authorizing Reman Transmission to bill their credit card for the amount of the core charge if it is not returned during this period. If the core is not returned or paid for, warranty will be voided. Return shipping is provided by Reman Transmission at no additional cost to the customer.

Description Tech Updates Part Attributes Our Top Quality Remanufactured Transmissions include the following: A remanufactured and improved torque converter is included with every transmission.

To eliminate the possibility of front seal leaks, vibration, and premature bushing wear, all torque converters are tested for leaks, lock-up, concentricity, and balance.

Every fully remanufactured valve body, with complete system correction and recalibration kit, is tested independently. All wear-prone valves are restored to stringent specifications and vacuum tested to confirm proper function. Each remanufactured transmission is hot, cold, load, and simulated road tested using our proprietary CARS Computer-Aided Road Simulation dynamometer program.

All remanufactured transmissions are backed by the industry's best, no-hassle nationwide warranty. Fully remanufactured valve body includes updated throttle valve, manual valve, 4-spool switch valve, and pressure regulator valve for improved shifting, lubrication, and performance. Modified valve body allows torque converter charge in park to increase durability and enhance gear engagements. Fully remanufactured torque converter is tested for leaks, lockup, concentricity, and balance.

Upgrades exceed OE requirements and eliminate the possibility of front seal leaks, premature bushing wear, and vibration. Diesel and heavy-duty gasoline applications include new lock-up lining. Completely remanufactured pump provides consistent internal pressures, eliminating slippage and delayed engagement.

Overdrive OD direct clutch updated to 8-plate clutch with new thrust plate for increased durability. Overdrive OD clutch updated to 4-plate clutch for increased durability. Overdrive OD planetary assembly upgraded to a 5-pinion unit for increased durability. Custom-machined output shaft to fit both late- and early-style driveshaft yokes. Bushings and machined surfaces polished to a mirror-like OE finish of 16 RA or less. Every transmission is cold- and hot-tested while using Synthetec ATF, a custom-blended fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid, and filtration system.

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Never Rebuild Your Car’s Transmission, Unless

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a340f transmission review

Your cart is currently empty. Apparel, Stickers, Decals, etc. Garage Sale. Trans Assembly Lube 16 oz. Porsche More Info. Nissan and Infiniti owners, we are able to modify your existing valve body for high performance operation.

Gearbox all wheel drive cover Fits all Porsche with tiptronic automatic and fixes transfer case area fluid leaks ans well and being a necessary part when rebuilding these units. Set contains 2 gaskets. Porsche Tiptronic The fact is that there is no shift kit available for We are able to modify your existing valve body for high performance operation.

These are the same modifications that are included in our line of performance transmissions. The fact is that there is no high performance shift kit for most Subaru automatics!

Please see 'more info' section The fact is that there is no shift kit available for most Toyota transmissions!

The fact is that there is no shift kit available for BMW transmissions! The fact is that there is no shift kit available for Audi and Volkswagen transmissions! The fact is that there is no shift kit available for the AW4! However, we are able to modify your existing valve body for high performance operation.

Please see complete description Information About Us Privacy Policy. Hawthorne, NJ With stand-alone control of electronically controlled overdrive automatics, it's easier to dial in accurate upshifts, and you can just stab the throttle, steer it, and the trans will do the rest. The performance world is changing. While power remains almighty, the new world is all about how to get that power to the tires. The best way to control an automatic transmission is to use one of the new, electronically controlled overdrive gearboxes Transmission Computer.

But swapping one of these newer transmission computer e-trannies into an older muscle car requires some type of aftermarket, stand-alone transmission controller.

The only way to know for sure was to put them to the test. We gathered five different transmission computer controllers and subjected them to a real-world flogging on a big-block street car to see if each could do the job. All the controllers perform the same basic functions, allowing you to custom-tailor shift points both at part- and wide-open throttle, as well as shift firmness at various throttle openings.

How specifically each box accomplishes these tasks and how easy it is to effect changes are the key questions. Perhaps the most important differentiation for the average enthusiast is whether the box requires a laptop computer or relies on a hand-held device with analog controls. The best way to test these controllers was to bolt them all in the same car and evaluate their performance. Car Craft family member Ed Taylor recently purchased a '70 Nova that had been languishing in front of Ken Duttweiler's shop for several years.

We power-washed the grease left behind by the previous turbo Buick V6 and bolted in a Holley, carbureted, ci big-block Chevy. You might recall the "Rat" as the dyno mule we whipped mercilessly for a big-block oval-port-head test in our Mar. We stuffed the 4L80E into the car using a TCI flexplate and a inch lockup Street Fighter torque converter along with a very nice custom aluminum crossmember from American Powertrain and a Dynatech aluminum driveshaft, and the big pieces were in place.

Of course, it took more than just a motor and trans to turn this orphan into a road warrior. Other goodies we wanted for the buildup included a new pair of bucket seats from Scat to replace the aged originals and a new set of Toyo Proxes R sticky inch tires obtained through our pals at TreadSource and mounted on lightweight RT-S Weld wheels.

With the big-block squeezed in, there was no room for a mechanical fan, so we opted for a pair of electric fans from Maradyne mounted to a killer Afco aluminum radiator. That combination worked to prevent the engine temp from exceeding degrees F. We also added a set of Wilwood front disc brakes because the Rat promised enough power to demand equal stopping performance. For the intake, we needed a hp Holley to feed the Rat, and for the exhaust side a pair of Hedman 2-inch headers snaked around the stock manual steering box.

We completed the exhaust with a great-sounding, 2. After two months of busted- knuckle work, the car was up and running, and we were ready for street testing.

One of the first things we discovered when we began testing controllers is that we had unintentionally combined a very high-torque engine with a loose converter and a used 4L80E transmission. We began questioning the first couple of controllers when even with maximum setting on the trans line pressure, we couldn't get the rear tires to bark on the gear changes.

After we talked with the controller manufacturers, one point became very clear: The controller is not a magic fix for a weak transmission. HGM Automotive, the builders of the CompuShift II, told us it designs its box to be used with a new transmission and assumes the trans has been modified for performance use.

So when we were not able to hit the rear tires as hard as we felt appropriate for a performance application, it was obvious that while our transmission was in decent shape, it was not capable of what you might call harsh shifts without some help in terms of a mechanical shift improver kit or even a rebuild with new clutches. If you are contemplating the use of a previously owned transmission, remember that even the best controller cannot compensate for a weak or damaged transmission.

This is less of a disclaimer as it is an acknowledgement of the physical capabilities of the transmission. While all the controllers offered the option of using a paddle shifter or up and down buttons to shift, we opted to merely place the TCI floor shifter in Drive and modify the controllers to get the transmission to shift at the correct rpm for each gear change.

We thought most car crafters would prefer this method. While we didn't test the paddle-shifter options, there's no doubt that each of the controllers would be fully capable of making those electronic gear changes. There are several ways to tune these electronic transmissions.

Though the process may seem confusing at first, once you know what each step represents, understanding the effects of these inputs will make you a better tuner. For example, the maximum engine rpm input is not a rev limiter. It is actually the maximum shift rpm default at which the transmission will always upshift.Remember Me?

Site Navigation. I'm gonna be flushing the trans in my T4R, 2WD, 3. I'm not looking for a debate over which one is better than the other, I'm just curious as to which one YOU use and WHY you chose that particular one. Castrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle 5. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF 6.

Mobil 1 ATF 7. Redline ATF 8. Royal Purple ATF 9. Originally Posted by segafan Member's Picture Albums. Originally Posted by Swimmerboy Edit: I am a former Toyota tech for what it's worth. First off, I wouldn't flush the trans. I have seen bad things happen when transmissions are flushed, but that's another topic. I did a drain and fill on mine when I got it. I went with Toyota ATF, that meets all the lubrication requirements of the transmission and it is the fluid that the corporation that manufactures the vehicles Toyota uses, so I figured it would be the best.

a340f transmission review

No other but Toyota ATF only. I heard that when the engineers designed the transmission they designed it around a specific fluid. You can buy the other cheaper brands and probably it will work fine. I've had the oil peak at deg F as well at times in the summer on long climbs stock gearing, curious how much the 4. I did my trans flush with new filter, and added a cooler at the same time atkms.

I did a flush in Nov.

Transmissions - Toyota - A340F, A340F 4WD

Used Valv Max Life.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Now I did some searching and didn't find any warnings about these filters so forgive me if this has already been brought up. Hey everyone, I just serviced my transmission using this: Dropping Pan And Flushing Transmission write up, and came upon something worth sharing. Once it came to cleaning or changing my transmission filter, I decided to just buy a new one and change it out with the old one.

I gave it a pretty good look over before installing it, and everything seemed great.

a340f transmission review

I put it on correctly, torqued it to specifications, and was about to put the trans pan back on. Mind you, everything fit on very nicely and properly, but if I was not anal retentive the way I am, then I would have never triple checked it This difference causes the AM filterto not seal against the valve body fluid inlet, essentially rending your filter useless. In the attached pictures you can see that contact on the seal is not being made. It was hard to get a picture but I did the best I could, and had to throw in a pic of my pup as well ha.

It had the exact same issue. I hope this helps anyone who will be working on flushing their transmission or anyone who has put a non fitting aftermarket filter in their transmission. Summary: If you want to change out your transmission filter with a new one instead of cleaning your old one, then just suck it up and pay for an a factory filter in the long run it will be well worth it. Attached Images. Member's Picture Albums. Makes me want to buy a Pro-King filter from Advance auto like I've used in the pastand compare it to the stock one.

That's crazy that it doesn't seal. I will be calling the trans shop in the morning to see what they use in their trans service package. Granted im doing a manual swap in the near future, my OEM trans was clean as a whistle with k and I dont want to risk blowing it up because the shop wanted to save a few bucks. Good find! I did thisba few yearsvagoband remember it being more of a metal grate. Originally Posted by Rama. Yeah, my filter is for thewhich I believe should be the same from Correct me if I am wrong but the are different filters.

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