If a recipe requires grams of potatoes for four people, how many kilograms would be required for twelve people? What was the original price of the dress before the reduction? Geoff thinks of a number. He deducts five from it and then divides the result by three. His answer is What number did he start with? A whole number can be positive or negative, but not a fraction or a decimal.

This includes 0. How is following sequence of numbers formally known: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. To download our maths pub quiz questions as a contestant question paper, with printed questions plus spaces for contestant answers, please click on the grey link below:. On one full tank of petrol he drove four trips to London and back. London is 45 miles from his house. How many miles to the gallon did Fred get from his car? If a train leaves its destination at and arrives at the next morning, how long does the journey take?

What is one million five hundred and thirty-seven thousand five hundred and twelve 1, rounded to the nearest thousand? To download the maths quiz as a contestant question paper in PDF format, please click on the link below:. To download the Measurements and Conversions quiz as a contestant question paper, please click on the grey box below:.

Joy starts watching TV at pm and watches three shows; one lasting 45 minutes, one lasting 28 minutes and one lasting just 8 minutes. Assuming that the shows run back to back with no adverts, what time does her last show finish? Megan is six years older than Sam and Dennis is 27 years younger than Sam. If Megan is 52, how old is Dennis? A car travels at a constant speed on the motorway. The mile journey takes exactly four hours.

general maths quiz questions with answers for class 10

At what speed was the car travelling? What is the perimeter of a square field with a total area of m 2? If you throw two dice at the same time, what is the probability of getting a 6 on both? How many students attend school on that day?

When two numbers lie equally in the middle, the number halfway between the two is the median. What is the name for an angle which is greater than 90 degrees but less than degrees? Which type of triangle has two sides of the same length and one of different length? If two of the interior angles of a triangle are 43 and 57, what is the third? If it takes 3 women 1 hour to drink a bottle of wine, how long will it take 2 women? If it takes 3 men 2 hours to dig a hole, how long will it theoretically take one man?

To download the maths quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, with questions but spaces for contestant answers, please click on the link below:.

Skip to content. What is four-fifths as a decimal? What is the volume of a cube which has edges measuring 5cm? How many months are there in twelve years? What is the next number in the series: 2, 9, 30, 93, …?Are you in class ten looking for revision material for Cbse math class?

Your search is over as the quiz below covers most of your course work and s guaranteed to keep you on your feet. Give it a try and keep an eye out for more like it. Have fun! Forgot your password? Speak now. Maths Quiz For Cbse Class Please take the quiz to rate it. All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Play as Quiz Flashcard. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:.

Duplicate Quiz Cancel. More 10th Grade Math Quizzes. Transition Math Chapter 10 Quiz. Maths Quiz- Unit 2. Featured Quizzes. Are You Liberal or Conservative? Related Topics.

Maths Quiz

Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Which term of the progression 4,9,14,…. Is ? When a point is observed, the angle formed by the line of sight with the horizontal level where the point being viewed is above the horizontal plane is known as:.

What is the value of a x b? In a lottery there are 10 prizes and 20 blank. What is the probability of getting prize? Back to top.

Sign In with your ProProfs account. Not registered yet? Sign Up. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice.There are some Important Quiz for Class 8th students. Question: Creatures that can live in extreme environments are a hooligans b extremophiles c extremely rare d extremists Answer: extremophile.

Question: What is the equation that helps us organize our thinking about life in the galaxy? Question: What is the single component found wherever you find life? Question: What is an example of an extremophile?

Question: Which of the following is the numerical coefficient of x2y2? Question: Which plastic cannot be breakable? Question: What is the chemical name of sulphuric acid? Question: Which of the following is not a synthetic fibre?

Question: Vitamin E is important for a protecting cells b vital tissues protection c both a and b d development of bones both a and b.

Question: A disease Kwashiorkor is caused by the deficiency of a vitamins b proteins c carbohydrates d fats Answer: proteins. Question: Genghis Khan was died in the year a b c d Answer: Question: The Battle of Waterloo was fought in the year a b c d Answer: Question: In doubles play, the first serve for the serving side begins in what court? Question: T20world Cup is associated with? Question: Fifa world Cup is associated with?

general maths quiz questions with answers for class 10

Question: Durand Cup is associated with? Question: Which among the following country is the host of Commonwealth Games? Question: Who is Rafa Nadal?

general maths quiz questions with answers for class 10

Question: What is the full name of Google?This is Maths General Knowledge Quiz level 1. You can also try: Level 2. Try your best to answer the questions above. Type your answers into the boxes provided leaving no spaces. As you work through the exercise regularly click the "check" button. If you have any wrong answers, do your best to do corrections but if there is anything you don't understand, please ask your teacher for help.

When you have got all of the questions correct you may want to print out this page and paste it into your exercise book. If you keep your work in an ePortfolio you could take a screen shot of your answers and paste that into your Maths file. This web site contains over a thousand free mathematical activities for teachers and pupils.

Click here to go to the main page which links to all of the resources available. Mathematicians are not the people who find Maths easy; they are the people who enjoy how mystifying, puzzling and hard it is. Are you a mathematician? My pupils say they love them!!! Thank you very much for a fabulous set of starters. I use the 'weekenders' if the daily ones are not quite what I want.

Brilliant and much appreciated. There are many resources to help you on the Maths At Home page. From ready made lesson plans to software suggestions and it's all free. A game involving mental arithmetic and strategy for two players or one player against the computer.

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MATH QUIZ - Answer This Simple Question

If you are in Class 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th then this post is for your GK Skills improvements. We hope these questions answers will improve your general knowledge level. You can also read Current affairs Questions and Answers for Class 7 — 10th here. We hope you will like these questions answers for your study and general awareness.

For any query you can do comment by below form. Answer : Answer : Rashmi. Answer : Bengaluru, India. Question No: 4 Indian Rhinoceros basically found in which range? Answer : 93 m. Question No: 6 What is the capital of Saudi Arabia country? Answer : Riyadh. Answer : Paytm. Question No: 8 World Oceans Day observed each year on which date?

Answer : On 8 June. Question No: 9 Johannesburg is the largest city of which Country? Answer : South Africa. Answer : Jair Bolsonaro. Answer : Tardeo, Mumbai. Question No: 12 What is the national bird of the United Kingdom country? Answer : European Robin. Answer : Madurai, Tamil Nadu.Speak now.

This quiz allows you to determine how much high school math you know based on the math topics learned in high school. The test includes questions from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. Let's start Sample Question. Maths Quiz For Cbse Class Are you in class ten looking for revision material for Cbse math class?

Your search is over as the quiz below covers most of your course work and s guaranteed to keep you on your feet. Give it a try and keep an eye out Transition Math Chapter 10 Quiz. Shapes are different and each has its own formula for getting different measurements, be it volume, area or parameter. The quiz below is designed to measure your understanding on the different dimensions of figures and how to Surface Area. Maths Quiz- Unit 2.

An arithmetic sequence of numbers is such that the difference between two progressive numbers is the same or follows a particular pattern. Having covered some of the mathematics problems on this it is now time for a quick Every function represents a sequence.

A sequence may have infinitely many terms. A sequence may have a finite number of terms.

Mathematics Quizzes

Cbse 10th Maths Quiz. Unlimited attempts possible. On each attempt, you will get 30 questions randomly. School Quizzes. High School Quizzes. Student Quizzes. A is the answer to this question. AP is also known as Arithmetic Progression. This is a sequence of numbers wherein the difference will always be the same. This means that the in-between of the sequence will amount to the same number.

For example, w.ED Jobs M. Com Jobs B. Sc Jobs B. E Jobs Ph. With the help of this page you can solve Maths Quiz for Class 8!! By going through it you will have an idea about the important topics and weightage of the exam. This will not only upsurge your acquaintance but also increase your speed.

So you can assess your performance before the actual examination. Maths Questions And Answers for Class 8 :. To know the important questions of maths of class 8 you can take help from this page. This page is well maintained by the team members ofrecruitmentresult.

Question 1.

Maths Quiz for Class 8

Question 2. A polygon with minimum number of sides is. Question 3. Polygons that have no portions of their diagonals in their exteriors are called. Question 4. Polygons that have any portions of their diagonals in their exteriors are called. Question 5. Question 6. Question 7. Sum of all interior angles of a polygon with n sides is given by. Question 8. Maximum number of right angles in a right angled triangle are. Answer: 2. Question 9. Sum of all interior angles of a parallelogram is.

Question The angle sum of all interior angles of a convex polygon of sides 7 is. Each exterior angle of a regular hexagon is of measure. The number of sides in a regular polygon is 15then measure of each exterior angle is. A parallelogram whose all sides are equal is called. Diagonals of a rectangle:. The value of x in the following figure is:. How many sides does a heptagon have?

general maths quiz questions with answers for class 10