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For years, driving was the only way to get around in most major cities. Bird Scooters came onto the scene with gusto earlier in when they dropped off their dockless electric scooters in cities all over the nation. Like its competitor, LimeBird scooters are changing the way people commute. Users can download a smartphone app, input some information, and cruise around the city quickly and efficiently.

Just like Uber and Lyft, all payments are handled through the Bird app. After you complete a ride, that amount is withdrawn from your account. Check out this image below.

spin scooter stock price

Please let us know in the comments what prices are per minute in your city! Unlike Lyft and Uber, there is no additional mileage fee, so the price you pay is the same no matter the distance you cover.

There is also no Surge or Prime Time pricing. Time is the only variable that will affect your total scooter-sharing bill. To get an idea of how much a trip will cost at this minute-to-minute rate, we need to discuss how fast Birds can go. The electric scooters max speed is right around 15 mph, but for these estimates, we will assume an average speed of 10 mph throughout your journey. At ten mph, it will take about 24 minutes to cover those miles. The base fee and the per-minute fee are the only costs that most scooter riders need to worry about.

But if you break the rules outlined in the Bird User Agreementyou could find yourself facing additional fines.

The first fee is if your rental becomes lost or stolen. The last fee that you should be aware of is the pickup fee. The pickup fee is assessed if you finish your ride on private property, making it impossible for a charger or fellow rider to locate the scooter. To determine whether Bird is a good deal for renters, we have to compare it to other options in the transportation marketplace. By comparing the price of a scooter rental to other alternatives, we hope to provide a better picture of the cost so you can make an informed decision.

Lime scooters are currently the biggest competitor to Bird.Tech giants Uber and Google-parent Alphabet offered their blessing to the red-hot electric scooter industry this week. Between those massive valuations and a deluge of recent media attention, Lime and Bird are two of the biggest names in the burgeoning scooter market.

But are these buzzy startups really worth billions of dollars? The scooters are "dockless," which means they can be picked up and dropped off pretty much anywhere.

Bird has put over 1, of its scooters on the streets throughout 18 U. In April, Bird said its scooters had already been taken for over 1 million rides since launching in September Meanwhile, Lime rolled out its first electric scooters in May and now has scooters in more than 65 U. In June, Lime deployed over scooters in Paris. The company, which launched its bike-share service a year ago, says it has seen over 6 million total rides across its bikes and scooters overall.

The scooter startups have not released any information on the average age of their riders, but it would seem to be no accident that they all are zeroing in on urban areas Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego and Washington, D. And young people are also more likely than older generations to seek out alternatives to cars for their commutes. News and World Report reported in April about the scooter trend.

Both Lime and Spin also tout the number of college campuses where their scooters are currently in use 18 schools for Lime and roughly 30 for Spin on their websites. Uber even developed a " new modalities " business unit dedicated to eventually making alternative types of urban transportation, such as bikes and scooters, available to its 75 million users worldwide.

JUMP also offers scooter rentals, while Lime also offers bike rentals — which shows that Uber is serious about adding both services to its already popular app to give users multiple options for getting around a city.

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The interest from big-name transportation companies like Uber and Lyft is pumping up the valuations of scooter startups, while proponents of the scooter-sharing business model simply see them as a fun, affordable and efficient way to get around highly-congested cities. And the fact that millions of people have already given the scooters a try suggests that there is certainly a market for the services of companies like Lime, Bird and Spin. Without more time and data, it's hard to say exactly how much revenue potential there is for these scooter startups, but there are plenty of other skeptics who say these companies are attracting unrealistic valuations.

For instance, one potentially major obstacle to the wave of scooter startups is the fact that several cities already seem fed up with the craze, with some regulators even moving to ban the electric scooter businesses.

Much like Uber and Lyft before them, electric scooter startups have mostly opted to introduce their product in cities without conferring with city officials first — with mixed results. Bird was sued last year by its hometown of Santa Monica for operating without the proper licenses and permits.

In San Francisco, where residents have expressed frustration at the proliferation of stray scooters on their sidewalks, city official temporarily banned the services in June while the companies apply for permits.

The Best Way to Invest in the $22 Billion Electric Scooter Industry

Lime and Bird have also been banned in cities like Denver and Nashvillewhile public officials put together regulatory frameworks to determine how the companies can operate, including where users can ride scooters and where they can be parked.

The high valuations of companies like Lime and Bird are obviously dependent on those brands continuing to grow and place more and more scooters in a greater number of cities.

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To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Ironically, Motivate, the bike-sharing company Ford partnered with to launch GoBikes, has since been acquired by Lyftwhich is also getting into the e-scooter game.

Though Spin is an SF-based company, the city put a temporary hold on its scooters after a brief trial in March. Other electric scooter startups like Lime and Bird have paused operations in the city as well until permit applications can be processed. Only competing startups Skip and Scoot are allowed in SF for the time being. For now, Spin operates in nine cities, including Charlotte, Denver, Detroit, and Long Beach, as well as five college campuses.

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spin scooter stock price

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Or to contact Money Morning Customer Service, click here. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the Money Morning newsletter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you live in San Francisco, Baltimore, or Austin, you've already seen them popping up all over town. Shareable scooters are popping up all over major American cities as this new transportation sector disrupts everything from buses to Uber. But it might be an even bigger deal for investors….

While these companies are still private, we've uncovered a "backdoor" investment play in the booming market: Alphabet Inc. Google's parent company is always looking for the next big thing, with investments in everything from companies trying to "cure death," to drone delivery services.

But investments in startups like Lime means the Alphabet stock price is actually on sale compared to where it could be trading in the next few years. If it seems like electric scooters came out of nowhere, it's because they did. Bird and Lime were both founded in Users can rent the scooters through an app, and they can leave the scooters at their destinations for the next user to find. During the night, individuals are paid to pick up the scooters and leave them in highly trafficked areas for the morning.

Yes, electric scooters themselves could make Alphabet money, but the bigger picture is they could lead to billions in revenue thanks to the data that can be collected from Lime. Alphabet can utilize Lime's data for its mapping systems and alternative transportation startups.

Thanks to Lime, Google will know how long people use electric scooters, where they take them, and the daily, weekly, and monthly usage of customers. The data from Lime could provide vital information for Sidewalk Labs, which is part of Alphabet's investment portfolio. The New York—based company wants to reinvent cities through technology to improve quality of life. A major focus is mobility, with the goal to improve the convenience of transportation, reduce costs, and enhance safety.FinancialContent is the trusted provider of stock market information to the media industry.

Market News. Market Videos. Recent Quotes View Full List. My Watchlist Create Watchlist. Indicators Dow Jones Industrial Average. Nasdaq Composite. New York Composite. Crude Oil. Latest News about LimeBike. Wear your helmet, concludes new study showing electronic scooter injuries have nearly tripled in the last four years January 13, Lime launches electric-assist bikes in its first UK city November 26, With Lime teaming up Uber, can rival Bird afford to go it alone?

July 10, Lime scooters are live in Paris June 22, Boosted Boards founders launch heavy-duty scooter renter Skip May 17, Lime partners with Segway to build electric scooters May 01, Electric scooters are getting closer to regulation in SF April 16, San Francisco will regulate electric scooter sharing March 28, LimeBike is also getting into the e-scooter game February 11, LimeBike unveils pedal assist e-bikes January 08, By accessing this page, you agree to the following Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.Spin is transforming cities in partnership with leading real estate companies.

Spin Hubs are parking areas which increase property value by maximizing the benefits of scooters and keeping them organized day after day. Hosting a Spin Hub will generate more interest on your property and make scooters more reliable for your tenants, residents and guests. Spin Hubs are an innovative amenity outside your four walls. Promote your property as an attractive live, work, and play destination.

As a Ford Mobility subsidiary, we are equipped with resources and tools to invest in long-term partnerships and understand the evolving needs of your business. Spin Hubs are turnkey partnerships.

Spin provides the infrastructure, installation, and operations.

Ford Takes Scooter-Sharing For A Spin

Spin Hubs keep your property in order. Spin Hubs add accessibility and value to your property and align you with the future of transportation in your city. Want one of these at your property? Email us at realestate spin. Cart 0. Sign In My Account. Increase Access Hosting a Spin Hub will generate more interest on your property and make scooters more reliable for your tenants, residents and guests. Innovation Spin Hubs are an innovative amenity outside your four walls.

Partnership As a Ford Mobility subsidiary, we are equipped with resources and tools to invest in long-term partnerships and understand the evolving needs of your business. Ease of Use Spin Hubs are turnkey partnerships.

Read more. Spin scooters travel 5x the speed of walking. Increase in your property value through improved on-site mobility options.Several months ago, you stumbled across an article on the benefits of starting your day earlier in order to take full advantage of waking hours. On your walk, you notice the flowers smell intoxicatingly beautiful, the sidewalk is especially springy, and everything is…Ow!

What was that? The electric scooters, capable of reaching speeds up to 18mph, can be found on sidewalks in cities like Los Angeles, Denver, New York, San Francisco, and countless others.

About two years ago, two scooter-sharing companies, Lime and Bird, started leaving their vehicles on the sidewalks of major cities around the US, and since then, these scooters have attracted significant attention.

From public applause to local government bans because of permitting issues, the scooter-sharing industry has continued to ride.

They only work in cities that they have a partnership, where they have a permit and are licensed to work. We want to provide more transportation options for people in San Francisco, but we want to provide these options safely. Your email address will not be published. Share 1. Tweet 0. Pin it 0. Up next.

spin scooter stock price

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