Our PDF will help you to upgrade your marks in any competitive exam. The number of boys are Then the total number of students in the school is? Applied to a bill for Rs. The costs of the two articles can be.

An agent gets a commission of 2. If on a certain day, he gets Rs. A sum of money doubles itself at compound interest in 15 years.

ssc maths notes pdf

In how many years it will become eight times? The simple interest on the same sum for the same rate and for the same period will be. A sum of money becomes 6 of itself in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interest. The rate per annum is. Economics Questions in Hindi. Indian National Movement. Post Views: 3, Prev Post Economics Questions in Hindi. Next Post Indian National Movement. You might also like More from author. Prev Next. Please Login to comment. Notify of. Sign in.Here you will get Chapterwise Maths Study Material.

Besides these exams, Choudhary Classes are very useful for those exams which are related to the Hindi language. You can Preview all given Notes. If you like any notes download it and print it for easy readings. If you have any problem regarding provided notes of Choudhary Classes Handwritten Notes PDF, Please feel free to contact us on handwrittennotes12 gmail.

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Complete Advanced Maths Notes For SSC Exams

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Kiran SSC Mathematics 8900+ Chapterwise PDF Download

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Paramount SSC notes PDF

HandwrittenNotes April 13, 0.Which is very important. So you can download this book easily by clicking Download Button below. The student who has joined us for the first time. For their information, then Sarkari Notes. Thousands of students are associated with Sarkari Notes gets related to some new study every day.

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Disclaimer: SarkariNotes does not claim this book, neither made nor examined. We simply give the connection effectively accessible on the web. In the event that anyway it abuses the law or has any issues then sympathetically mail us. Written by SarkariNotes.Being one of the largest employment providers, SSC conducts this exam every year and receives huge number of applications every year for the same. Students who have applied for SSC CGL or planning to take it up any time, make sure you prepare well enough for an exam like this.

Maths Tutorial Number of Unit Digit Part 1 by Rakesh Yadav Sir (ssc, cds & other exams)

Take Paramount SSC test. The study notes PDF cover all the latest exam pattern and syllabus. The notes are designed by industry experts so to minimize the chance of skipping any of the important topics. Bored of answering lengthy questions? Paramount study notes PDF will provide you short cut tricks and formulae to answer all questions faster than before.

This will help you answer maximum questions in a stipulated amount of time. We present you mock tests at the end of every chapter to test how much of the concepts you could grab in the chapter. You would at times need to cover all the important highlights of a chapter instead of the whole one. Key highlights provided at the end of every chapter would give you a sneak peak of concepts at one go and help you with quick revision.

Confused with what to prepare first and what to prepare last? Preparation checklist along with a list of important topics would help you in this regard. Being rated as the no. Out of students who chose paramount SSC notes and test series for preparation, they seem to be extremely satisfied by the quality of the tests.

Maths Study Material: Best Handwritten Notes by Choudhary Classes for SSC & IBPS

The feedback of the students are as follows. TopRankers Paramount is the best whether it the faculty, study material, management or test series.

Believe me! It is the No. Prateek Sharma S. The contribution of the faculty and the management of TopRankers Paramount is substantial in guiding my way to get a respectable job. Rahul Chhabra SSC. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. TopRankers Paramount teaching faculty has given us all. Your email address will not be published.In SSC CGL exam, marks of particular section is not counted instead the overall marks will be considered which is a positive point.

So, all you need is to attempt more questions with accuracy. We are providing you with the best of SSC CGL study material including the solved previous year paper at free of cost. Maths section is quite tuff so you need to work hard in maths. So prepare well for the exam and give your best. Click here to Download Trigonometry Formula book-R. Click here to Download Algebra Handwritten Notes.

Click here to Download Hindi Handwritten G. Click here to Download Maths Handwritten Notes. Click here to Download Study material Capsules. Click here to Download Geography Handwritten Notes. Click here to Download Download Maths formula tricks shortcuts pdf. Click here to Download English grammar short notes and Practice e-book pdf download.

Click here to Download Competitive mathematics by Akash Tripathi pdf download. Click here to Download Synonyms Antonyms Questions pdf download.

S Bharti. Click here to Download Short notes on indian polity from m laxmikant book pdf download. Click here to Download Hindi medium study materials for ssc and bank pdf download free.Moreover, you can download the PDF of the study material for the convenience.

The resources are collected from important topics in order to make preparation smooth. These CGL study notes are also the primary approach of many experts and toppers. Thus, the following study material will help in achieving high score marks.

Current Affairs. Static GK. Important Dates. Indian History. Member since Feb How to solve the Alphabet Test in Reasoning Section. How to solve Word Formation questions quickly in Reasoning Section. How to solve Blood Relation Questions easily. How to solve Classification Questions in Reasoning Section? Tips and Tricks to solve Coding-Decoding questions.

Tricks to solve problems related to Series in Reasoning Section. Basic Concept and Tricks on Mixture and Alligation. Concepts of Percentages and its Important Shortcuts. Important Formulas and Shortcuts to solve Percentage. Previous Year Questions for Problems based on Ages. Important Formulas and Shortcuts to solve Profit and Loss. Important Geometry Notes on Circle. Short Tricks on Centres of Triangle in Geometry. Important Formulas of Co-ordinate Geometry.

Geometry : Lines and Angles. Important Mensuration 2D Formulas. Important Mensuration 3D Formulas. Short notes and Formulas for Mensuration 2D figures. Important Mensuration formulas and short notes for 3D figures. Understand the basics of Data Interpretation.

Formulas of Polygon in Quant section. How to solve Fillers in the English Language. Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills. A Smart Approach to boost the score in Reading Comprehension. Error Spotting Articles List All.BUT very very conceptual and must for CGL in terms of time management… Binding quality is cheap and adequate maintenance is necessary… Handwriting is clear. I received a flawless product with excellent delivery speed.

This PDF is most important for those who are preparing for group d. In this PDF we have putted some most important questions and answer for the railway group d exam.

Rakesh Yadav has emerged as one of the most trustworthy names in teaching Quantitative Aptitude Basic Mathematics for various competitive examinations, particularly banking and SSC. He has developed a unique style of teaching where he directly communicates with aspirants without showing an iota of irritation.

He remains cool and motivated in the most trying circumstances. Rakesh Yadav is known for completing entire syllabus within three months. If an aspirant follows all of his suggestions and only attentively listens to his lectures, it is very likely that he will score brilliantly in the examination. Rakesh Yadav is also on the forefront in the support of agitation against corruption in the SSC.

Rakesh Yadav is married and living in Delhi with his wife and children. He had deep interest in mathematics. He used to take private tuitions at home, also, and was making handsome amount of money.

ssc maths notes pdf

He came to Delhi and took admission in Drishti Coaching Center. Those were new days for Paramount and it was Rakesh along with Neetu Singh who had given big boost to its popularity. In fact, Rakesh Yadav singlehandedly made the institute what it is today. He has also launched his own You Tube Channel which is garnering millions of views per month. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. More About Book.

ssc maths notes pdf

This book comprises of all the class notes taught by Rakesh Yadav Sir in regular class batch. All the latest questions have been included to help the students know the latest pattern of the question being asked in different SSC competitive exams.